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To be able to create and make a couple's dream wedding into reality is the most fulfilling feeling ever...

Born a hopeless romantic, Violet has always been in love with weddings since she was a little girl. Couples in love and uniting that love through matrimony is such a beautiful important milestone in a couple's life and to Violet, being able to be a part of making that happen is an amazing feeling of blessedness, humbleness and honor.

At a very young age, Violet had hoped that one day she would be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a wedding/event planner, but life geared her towards many other career paths before she fell into the career path she originally dreamt of being by coincidence. 

Violet Wu
Founder & Creative Director

The opportunity for her came to her very subtlety. She had started her own photo booth business because of the great experience she had during a wedding in California and wanted to bring that experience to the people of Minnesota. Soon her photo booth business started to thrive and after a few events and weddings, she had kindly offered to help various brides and grooms with small designs for their wedding and also helped coordinate their wedding in various ways. Soon her client's guests took noticed of Violet's design talents, organization and passion that they requested for her services for their wedding. Next thing she knew, more clients inquired for her services for not only her photo booth business, but for her talents in planning, coordinating and designing services as well. She couldn't deny that her time finally had come from a small photo booth business to also include becoming a business owner of a full blown event and design business that is now known as NexGen Events & Design.


To be able to create and make a couple's dream wedding into reality is probably the most fulfilling feeling ever for Violet and because she is a natural born creative soul who has always loved helping people and making people happy, being an event planner and a designer is a perfect fit for her because she truly and whole heartedly always has her client's best interest at heart.

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